Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is a small list on how to tell if someone is lying!

1.  A change in the voice's pitch.
2. A change in the rate of speech.
3. A sudden increase in the number of "ums" and "ahs."
4. A change in eye contact. Normally, one makes eye contact one-quarter to one-half of the time. 5. If suddenly, at the convenient moment to lie, he's staring at you or looking away, beware.
6. Turning his body away from you, even if just slightly.
7.  Suddenly being able to see the white on the top and bottom of a person's eyes, not just the sides.
8.  A hand reaching, even if momentarily, to cover part of the face, especially the mouth.
Nervous movement of feet or legs.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abbie Hoffman and The Yippies

When I was reading little Brothers by Corry Doctorow (See below post)  I found something that probably became my best friend!  Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies!  Hoffman is best known for trying to levitate the Pentagon, throw money into the stock exchange and work with a group called Up Against the Wall Motherf_ers.  Hoffman soon published the classic book on ripping off the system, Steal This Book.  (1971)  It is also online with Wiki for people to add on and modernize for the new generation.  Learn everything from printing underground newspapers to switch boards!  (Note some of this stuff deals with drugs, and street fighting!  Which we must say DO NOT DO!!!!!)  It's called Steal This Wiki!  You can find it here.  Enjoy and be safe!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ever wish you could fly???

Sorry folks!  I had this awesome video up, but it wouldn't work...  So here is the link!  Sigh.  Though I'm soooooooooo doing this!  Maybe scare some neighbors, or a certain group of girls... or maybe the kids on my bus who trash at me!  Oh yes.... Scroll down to how to build hover shoes, and viola!  Happy SAFE flying! Lola out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evil Bunnies and prank calls....

Hey every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's topaz!!!!!!!!!!!! Just warning you about the evil mutant bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Fear them!!!!!!!!!!!) So today hes been hard for all of us ZG, actually it has been very strange lately! From Kiki's friend (She has a bad case of the flu.....) lets call her M has been having Big trouble at school. (SHE WAS FRAMED) Then another friend of ours lets call him R has been getting strange phone calls...... Then there's May who is doing research on Chickens? Tayuan is busy in Rehab getting over her addiction to coffee and Fan Fiction. Lola is doing what ever a Lola does.... Luz is freaking out about her research paper being to long. Lastly A.C.Eberle was having her teenage crisis about one of her stories, and has locked herself away in her room!

So here I am posting Random Junk......

A Brush Pass.

A brush pass is secret note giving (Sorry espionage is Luz's skill not moi) here are some tips to help you.

  1. Make sure you and your friend have a code or a planned signal for a brush past. Ours is blink twice and tap leg with your note hand.
  2. Your friend should also have a signal like scratching there noise. (Note do not make eye contact!!!!)
  3. It's easier to just stand still! Have the note in the hand that your friend will be passing by!  Don't make eye contacted.
  4. Your partner should accidentally brush past you.  If you are receiving the note the cup your hand toward the note.  Press the note into the hand, doing so don't make eye contact!  Always be third party aware!!!!!!!!  
  5. You should practice practice practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so once again. sorry that kind of stuff is for luz and maybe kiki but me Topaz????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm just the crazy chemist!  But eh!  Any way kiki is right know calling me saying....

Kiki- Where the flip is the post???

ME- It's comming!

Kiki- Well it's LATE!!!!!

Me- it's not that la...

Kiki- It was supposed to up at 8!!!!!!!!

Me- so?????????????????????????????????

Kiki- I put you charge of this post so do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me- You sound funny!!!!!!

Kiki- I'm sick what yah think you spaz!!!!!

ME- but you do sound funny!

Kiki- just finish the post!

Okay I better go before I have everyone on my back!  I mean so it a half an hour ate!  So what!!!!!  But man did kiki sound Fu-u-ny!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Se yall!!!!!!!!!! :D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Need A Good under the cover type book that will make you paraniod?

Hey all sorry for our rather long year!  Let's just say that we weren't the only thing tearing up the slopes!  Any way here are two books that are great but will make you very paranoid! 
 After By Francine Prose tells the story of Central High and the aftermath of a school shootout, that happened 50 miles away at Pleasant Valley.  With this comes new Grief and Crisis Councilors, and that is just what the cause grief!  The students privileges are being taken away, like certain books are taken away, you cannot have anything red, students are searched.  To Tom Bishop school has become his own personal hell.  Then the students and teachers begin to disperse, the students to special camps where they don't come back alive, the teachers just disperse! (Shown above)

Little Brother By Cory Doctorow Seventeen year old Marcus (AKA w1n5t0n and later on m1k3y) when he and his three friends skip school in San Fransisco.  What was thought to be a fun day turns to terror when terrorist blow up the bay bridge!  Marcus and his friends are sen into a secret prison were they are interrogated for three days till they are realised, except for one them, with a warning they will be watching.  Now in a city where everyone is a suspected, with just his wits and skills of being a hacker, he creates a techno rebellion using hacked X-Boxes.  There job is to show the cruelty and grief the DHS (Department of Homeland Security)  Taking the world one hacked gaming console at a time.  (This is not for teens under 14 and for fans of 1984)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry x las sorry no post, cause I'm tired and writing on very tiny key board

Monday, December 1, 2008

the poster who robbed the bank

Kiki here!  So sorry for our rather long absence..... we where ummmm busy.  So we have to do current in events in school, yuck!  But you get some interesting facts!  Like the foot ball dude (I don't like foot ball!  So I wouldn't know his name)  who shot him self in the leg!  Or the poor man who was trampled to death during a sale on Friday.  (There goes my dream of being a sales clerk!)but the most interesting one that was read in my class was this.

A bank (Some where, sorry I spaced at that part:() alarm went off during the night, when police came they say a figure standing in there.  They told local home owners to leave, closed roads.  They called for the man to come out, but he didn't.  So what do they do?  they call the swat team!  They broke into the bank.  Only to find that the figure was a life sized cut out!  Who put it there?  Who tripped the alarm?  And just how angry where those men to find out of the false alarm?  If I made the call I would run away from the men caring big guns Shields and body armour!

Well that is all for the night!  If you have any info about this then contact me in the comments!   

Monday, October 6, 2008


Now to just clear up a few loose ends I did put up Comment Moderation. But technology hates me!  maybe if May or some one else did it it would have worked............And please people, we have one or two Young readers here and there!  

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A qiucky

Hey Luz here and saying how much I just say hooooooooooowwwwwwwww much that I hate school.  Yuck!  All the homework!  Oh the horrors!  Any way I have to do this quickly.  Here is a way if you are afraid of small counter fit bills.  Any way i think this will work with American currency.  (Sorry, I'll try it on my pound notes from England)  Folded the bill in half, with the part where the security strip should be the part folded up.  Then take maybe two or three magnets, you know the small round plain ones.  Connect them all together and move it around the the top half of bill.  If the top half moves towards it then it is real.  Though any sane person, would just hold it up to the light and try to find the strip.  Any way toodles!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay so I only have a few minuetes on hear for the knew season of smallville and yah it was rushed and yah it has terrible spelling any way. I just wanted to say we are sorry! School and for the last few weeks of summer we where at a ranch with out internet! Yah i know gasp! well more to come! You're totaly funny friend Topaz! (And this is one of my first posts here.)

Friday, August 1, 2008


Okay so I was on my internet providers home page, and I stumbled upon an article, about a supposed snipper who killed three teens and one wounded. (our deep regreats to there families) The killer was found after a wild man hunt.  What I may ask is why?  Why these kids, why the camo, and why just giving up and not talking?  Call me crazy but I have a bad feeling about this.  Check out the article here

Friday, July 25, 2008

To complete the random of this week

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I really should put this on the side bar...

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This one is sooooooo Tayaun Trust me when she doesn't have coffee in her she is your normal Zg

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If you ever saw the goonies........

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I'm addicted to star track so yah........

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Really just say NO!!!!

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Black Rider this one is for you!

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all except when I'm writing :)

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It does seem that way doesn't it?

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really NO WAY! tehee*

So sorry for not having any good like posts.  It's been well slow here.  Maybe tomorrow

Monday, July 21, 2008

One random thing

Okay this just proves it...... We are all clinically insane

85%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


topaz here and like I love to make things explode!  So I'm going to share my genius!!!!  MUWHAHAHAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAHAHAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       So I'm gonna tell you how to make a Torpedo, (NOTE THIS WILL ONLY WORK IN A LARGE BODY OF WATER!!!!!) 

What you need water proof duct tape scissors Three large scuba tanks a wrench.

  1. Stake the scuba tanks in a pyramid
  2. Tape
  3. aim at target, make shure that the bomb is on a good hard surface about a foot from
water and is leading directly into the water.

4.  Use the wrench to puncture (What I mean is kill the valve so it falls of)  the realising air will shoot it forward.  Never use this for fun it can and will be dagourus!

Friday, July 11, 2008

How to;

Jump from a car;

             Open the door and fling you're self out of the car in the opisite direction.  Keep you're legs straight arms crossed and when you hit the road then or ground roll!  Easy!
to survive a train crash when in the bathroom;
     Sit on the floor with your back to the engine, bend your knees, and clasp your hands behind your neck.
determine when to bribe a third world policeman;
     an officer does not cuff you or write you a ticket, but expresses a desire to resolve the problem on the spot.
win a sword fight
      make a steady, quick blows up and down and left and right with the sword
eat tree bark
      the light colored layer of the of the inner bark can be eaten raw or cooked.
eat a lizard
       skin the lizard and remove the guts, cook the meat, and eat it when the surface bubbles cracks.

Thank you my peeps!  There will be more posts like this in a while.  And the lizard I wouldn't make it for it is wretched!  :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A.C.E here and I must say that I'm deeply disaponted that one or two or what ever has been posting some rude stuff!  it has gotten to a point where Kiki and my self had to stop posting on a blog..... I know it is fine to state opions but if it is rude or hurt full then don't say it!  I would realy hate to stop this blog to..... And the same goes for Black Riders blog, who is I'm suprised with her thought to the blog (Trust me she loves that blog!) that she didn't track the person down and hog time it down. (sorry to say it but we don't know if this person is male or female or even human!)


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

you asked for it!

Well you asked for it!  We have A.C.E (Due to security reasons we will use her initials)  Here and she is answering you're questions!  So I'll give her the key board to Begin!

Hey guys! A.C.E here!  So here are the questions that you asked! 

Where do ya live?
     I live in north north America in new jersey

Have you ever snuck out in the middle of the night?
     It is very dark here where I live and we have police cruisers that patrol so not right now

it says you're writing down ZG's stories into a book or something........ Are you gonna try to get them published?  If so when?
     Yes I'm writing down there adventures.  And yes I'm trying to get them published, but those are not going to be My main consent yet at least..... So i do not when They are getting published.  So if any one news any publishers then tell me?

Random Irregular:
Have you ever ridden you're bike outside in two in the morning, only to find that you're being Followed?  What did you do?
     See above;  but I have been followed before and I used the turn take cellphone FAKE call and double track and hide, easy.

have you ever forged a signature?
     Yes my friends just to see If I could do it

Where do you live?
   See above
What is your Fave book?
   Let's see hear I'ved narrowed it down to.... Eragon, Wildwood dancing and of coures Kiki Strike!
When did you meet ZG?
     I met them on a trip to NYC
That's all thanks:)

I like pie!  Do u?  I shore hope so!
    Okay........ Yes like pie!

Okay do you play an instrument?
   Yes Guitar and Violin

A.C.Eberle do you like Cheese?

Sniffer doodle:
Sweet!  So like if you where to reveal something what would it be?
    I'm a very en centric person (i don't think that's a word)

What is the strangest combination of food you eat together?
        Again with the food!  Well I like to eat Sweet potatoes with BBQ Pulled Pork

Thanks for your comments! And questions guys! Hope to see you in the future! 

you asked for it!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


A.C.Eberle is coming in three days so leave what you want to ask in the comment board!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Vacation is over...............

Okay so we came back today from our !!!!!!!!!BORRY!!!!!! adventure to the Atlantic/Caribbean sea/ocean thing........................... Nothing really exciting happened.................. Though it made our day watching Kiki wipe out on the water ski's that she rented................and it was also a little funny when Topaz was trying to sneak a whale bone that we found on the beach, through security.  to bad it was soooooooooooooooooooooo flippen awesome!   But it is late and more will come tomorrow...................... and like the new digs?!?! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okay I just can't like wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay soooo May here and this is like one of my first posts here!  Well we have been to our Vacation spot a few days know and that IS!!!!!  A real Picture! Kiki's Dad took it on a side trip to Hatti (WE ARE NOT THERE!)  But I'm like REALLY TIRED!!!!!  Jet lag...... Just came back from Paris and I'm still a Little loopy!  SO PEACE!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

44% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou

Okay I was bored here on the beach so I took this you can see I may be a total geek but to them I'm not that geeky..........OH well........Back to uglies which is very good!.........But well I guess the other 56% is spazzyness 40% and evil genius 16%

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Should the Divinces Code be banned?

Hello Kiki here and as you may know I love to read so when I heard that the Preguel to the book Divinces code may be bannend. Well lets just say that I freaked out a litle! Why you may ask....well the book as people think is not true to the bible. Well I never went against the bible do they know every thing that happend in the book may be true!
What is the book about you may ask well it is about a dude that gets murderd and it blamend on anothr guy. BUt the guy left behind clues leading to the a picture that Divince made of the last supper. Which might prove that the holly grail was not a cup but Mary Magaden You know whos wife.
But I say how would they know for it happend thousands of years ago for all we know it could all be true! So I say that the books are not to be bannend!!!!!

Lastday of a seventh grade notin......

Okay so it is the last day of the sevnth grade for us and well just wanted to say it is summer and we may not be posting for at least a weak for the first time where all going on an actual Vacation! Solike go us!

But we can't tell you where but here are a few guesses......... There are turtles lizard that shoot water out of there noses......note a lot of fresh water.........somerwhere by south America so like happy guessing!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Time!

Okay I was bored so I got this Enjoy it always makes me laugh!

*insert puppy dog eyes here*

Kiki *sniff sniff*  Please tell us some of you're hacking genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pretty please!! and oh ya this Black Rider sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo PLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day and what not.......

Tayuan here!  Just want to say that HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also here is a few hints on to trail a person UN seen!

Trailing 101
  1. Okay find you're guy girl whatev make sure you know what the person looks like and look at the way the person walks how tall he is where he lives etc
  2. Dress in simple comfy clothes so leave those heels and Minny skirt home!(UN-less you are going clubbing!)  I always find that jeans and sneakers work best for the streets of NYC.
  3. Locate the subject and get at least ten to twenty feet away or so that the person is still clearly visible in front of you, but not right on top of him!
  4. Carefully trail subject through the park and city etc with a careful eye on him. But don't what ever stare directly at him!  People have a way to tell that you are trailing them using a sixth sense that every one has!
  5. If the person knows you are following him then he may try to lose you.  The most easily is the crowd.  This is why needed a good look at the person.  It will be easy to eliminate people who are to tall short walk with a limp is wearing a dress to old etc.
  6. If you lose the subject then do a 360 search to find him, peer into stores you would normally wont find the person, check the street on the other side of the road.  Or call for back up to search the city for subject.
  7. You should practice this in the school hallways there always packed!
  8. If you lose subject in park then look up at the trees or study the joggers and stone walls etc any hiding place must be check in a way that nobody will notice!
  9. I also find that a disguise would help a lot!
Well that's it for me! PEACE! :p

and here is a code! try to DE code this! ˙´¬¬ø    çø˜©®å†´ß   ˆƒ   ¥ø¨   ƒø¨˜∂   †˙ˆß   çø∂´   å˜∂   ∂´çø∂´∂   ˆ†¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Rider

Dumb me!  I got the web address wrong so here is the hopefully right one if not then I'm sorry I can't get!  so I hope this works but more later.  'Cu's I just got back from school.....and I got the best grade I ever got in Spanish 92! and is also on my final! 

And in other knews........We have a parisite blog from a mysterious blogger!

Okay we found something out last night that we have been a host to a parisite blog! But it is good! Some how This Black Rider chick has hacked on! (THIS IS NOT MY DOING!) But we also got a letter from New Jersey from BR saying that she sorry and will delete the blog but of course we let her stay! She can be helpful and the fact that she is fighting for the enviroment! So I think the site is called, I'm not so sure that the site or link or web adress will work but someone other then us has been on the site! And in other knews A.C.Eberle will be here in a few days so leave you're question on the comment board!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back and dangoures!

Okay kiki here and I want to say that we are feeling a lot better and that Lola was right!  It was Topaz's knew sent not the sewer!  But any way we will have our last adventure posted!  it deals with Poodles the NYC grates and a funny grudge!  But more for right know I have to study for spanish file!  Yuck!  But any way... I see Loloa tried to entertain you! But yet I don't really think that code would help you just know so what for it!  I have some info comming right up, but that will be in another post because tayuan is on the other side of the city!  Unless you want me to ramble on my last encounter with the police in London!  Who knew that they could get that mad at you for accicidently hacking into a secret file!  Opps!!  You know it's a pretty funny storie!

On my last trip to London to visit Em our trusty ZG in Europe!  So Luz E-mailed me saying can you hack into this.....  Me being who I am couldn't resist! So in the garden that is actualy the litle area that often leads up the basement.....Any way I just finished the files that I will not reveal, but will say that they where concerning something for another time.  About a half an hour a whole army showed up at the front door demanding on who broke into the files!  Luckily the rents where out so it was just Em and I.  Of course I got the blame they brought me in and they where shown my files.(Which I must say was really impressing for some one my age)  They looked realy suprised and well they called the American Embassy, they said that I hacked into many other files and that I was well know with the NYPD!
So I spent the night in the hold!  But thankfully Em found me, cried wolf, hogg tied the police or the Bobby what ever you call them!  She handed me my lock pick and I got myself out!  But before I left I took the files and gave up Tayuan who comes a very very rich family in China who sorted the whole thing out.  
Not so interresting though I'm sorry but thats all I have till later see yah!